Three Pilgrimage Festivals שלושת הרגלים

Three Pilgrimage Festivals: passover, sukkot, shavuot  שלושת הרגלים

Pilgrimage to the temple in Jerusalem
Drawing by Ahuva Klein(c)

The Three Pilgrimage Festivals are Sukkot, Passover, and Shavuot. During the times of the Temple, the Israelites used to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, as commanded:

“Three times each year, all your males shall thus present themselves before God the Master, Lord of Israel.” (Exodus 34:23)

The three Pilgrimages are both religious and agricultural festivals.
Passover – the celebration of the exodus from egypt is also the Spring Festival and the barley harvest

Shavuot – is a celebration of the giving of the Torah, the grain harvest, and the festival of the first fruits.  

Sukkot – commemorates the wanderings of the Israelites in the desert after the exodus when they resided in booths. It is also the harvest festival – the  gatherinng of the fruits nad grain from the field before the rains.

The pilgrims would bring the priests of the temple gifts from their fruits, harvest, , cattle and flock.

According to the tradition, the pilgrims used to stay with local Jerusalem families and despite the high number of visitors there was always room for all of them.

The main objective of the pilgrimage was to visit the Temple. Since the destruction of the Temple, the pilgrimage isn’t observed anymore.


שלושת הרגלים

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