Sukkot Guests – Ushpizin – אושפיזין

Ushpizin - the Sukkot Guests -  אושפיזין

Ushpizin – אושפיזין -The Seven Shepherds of Israel that visit the Sukkah.

Ushpizin is an aramic word that means guests.

According to the Kabbalah, on Sukkot the Seven Shepherds of Israel visit us in the Sukkah. The Seven Shepherds are associated with qualities derived from the Sefirot – divine energies that make the spiritual world. There are ten sefirot total, three of them,not associated with  any of the Ushpizin.  When an Ushpizin visits the Sukkah, he bestows  the energy of his sefirah upon us.

There are different traditions as to the order of the Ushpizin visit. Below is the order of the Ushpizin according to Chassidic tradition.

1 Abraham Chessed love
2 Isaac Gevurah Restraint
3 Jacob Tif’eret Beauty
4 Moses Netach Victory and Endurance
5 Aaron Hod Splendor and Humility
6 Joesph Yesod Foundation/Connection
7 King David Malchut Sovereinity


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